Membership FAQ

When can I apply?

Applications open up during each Fall and Spring semester. To apply, you must be a declared psychology major and have completed three semesters of college – this means that the earliest you can apply is the second semester of your sophomore year. Stay posted for updates on the next application period.

What is the membership fee used for?

Your one-time membership fee is split between Psi Chi International and our own Berkeley Chapter in order to fund events.

I am a transfer student. Can my transfer units count towards the nine-unit requirement?

Yes! Transfer units do apply here in most instances. Make sure to address specific transcript questions to our Membership Chair during the application period at the beginning of the semester.

What type of transcript do I include with my application?

Please include an unofficial transcript showing the units and grades for your courses. This can be a PDF printout of your CalCentral Academic Summary. For transfer students, please also include a copy of an unofficial transcript from your previous institution.

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